Your finances are specific to you. One size does not fit all.

Investments and wealth management

Conlan Wealth financial planners specialise in finding investment opportunities to help you achieve your wealth goals. These opportunities are tailored to your unique financial situation and personal goals. This will provide you with a custom investment strategy to maximise your wealth going into the future.

Our qualified financial planners will evaluate your current financial position and predict how it will develop going into the future. This involves evaluating your career plan, potential salary and planned expenses so you know where you sit financially going into the future. Based on this information our team will seek out investment opportunities that match your goals and lifestyle.

From there we will recommend an investment strategy that will provide you with the best results. This might be a long-term strategy focusing on superannuation to minimise tax expenses or it could be a high growth strategy that involves more risk and reward. This ultimately depends on you. Our team will continue to monitor your investments to ensure they’re still performing and working in your strategy.

Investment is a great way to build your wealth and create financial security going into the future. For more information on how the Conlan Wealth team can help you grow your wealth and manage your investment, get in touch today.

What a team at Conlan Wealth. We are more than happy to have Andrew in control of our Investment Portfolio, keeping it relevant with the changing financial movements and Sheree keeping us up to date with the required paperwork.

Lois & Wayne Geelong
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