Your finances are specific to you. One size does not fit all.

Expert financial services

Conlan Wealth recognises the significance of trust between individuals and their adviser. The ease of mind associated with a consolidated wealth, superannuation and insurance portfolio is at the forefront of what Conlan Wealth is trying to achieve. Andrew excels at wealth accumulation, management and protection; he understands that for different lifestyle goals to be achieved the management of an individual’s wealth is paramount. Conlan Wealth provides a boutique service that is aimed at benefiting you.

Andrew provides a well-rounded service as he has professional partnerships with accountants and solicitors, who Andrew trusts to deliver advice in their field of expertise to his valued clients.

Andrew Conlan developed Conlan Wealth to ensure individuals and families are provided with a personal and complete service. Andrew works hard to maintain his clients in a position of understanding in order for them to make informed decisions about their wealth. Peace of mind is a major goal at Conlan Wealth as is providing our clients with reliable and accurate advice.

What a team at Conlan Wealth. We are more than happy to have Andrew in control of our Investment Portfolio, keeping it relevant with the changing financial movements and Sheree keeping us up to date with the required paperwork.

Lois & Wayne Geelong
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